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I would like to know what are the best tools to have in hand for java development. Especially during web developments & debugging? what are the tools most used by the elite league developers apart from the IDEs of their choice.

Thanks for the kind suggestion in advance.

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For web development? I don't do much in that regard, but when I have to I find Firefox + firebug (and maybe tamper data) extremely useful. Though chrome's dev tools have gotten quite good too.

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You should check out Fiddler as well. I find this proxy tool really handy for debugging purposes.

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Eclipse Debugger works for me and I totally agree with @Voo with the Firefox/Firebug pack. You also need some tools for performance monitoring and profiling like VisualVM. Great tool for diagnosing when OutOfMemoryError arises.

If you're building/consuming Web Services, SOAPUI is a must; and FindBugs is great for static code analysis. There are several tools according to your needs and context.

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JUnit, Checkstyle, and JMock should be part of your toolkit.

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