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I am evaluating Teechart 4.1.2012.2287 and I have a problem with the Series.ClickSeries event.

My project is written in VS2010, using VB.Net and framework 4.0. The ClickSeries event seems to work fine if there are a limited number of points in the series, say 100, but throws an exception if you have more data, say 1000 points.

This even happens on a new windows form project with just a single TChart placed on the form.

I have also found that the Chart header font, and custom axis fonts sometimes get changed after a Tchart1.update().

Do you have a fix for these problems?

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I'm not able to reproduce this here using a line series with 10000 random points. Could you please send a simple example project we can run "as-is" to reproduce the problem here at steema.net/upload? Thanks in advance. –  Narcís Calvet Mar 29 '12 at 15:05
I have uploaded a simple project called ClickSeries Error. This is a windows form project with one form that contains a TChart control. The initialisation routine adds a single fastline series, and populates it using fillsampledata. On my computer if the number of fill points is set to say 1000 I get an exception when I click on the chart. 100 or below points and it seems to work fine. –  Ross Apr 2 '12 at 11:04

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Thanks for your project. I can reproduce your problem using a FastLine but no using a Line. I have added it in bug list report with number [TF02016143]. We will try to fix it for next maintenance releases of TeeChartFor.Net


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