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This isn't strictly related to NewsstandKit.framework, but there's a live example of this approach in there:

addIssueWithName:date: instance method of NKLibrary creates a newsstand issue — NKIssue — and adds it to the content library and in case of non–failure returns it. At this point NKIssue instance has name and date properties are set to values passed to addIssueWithName:date: initially.

If you check that out, NKIssue class doesn't have a specific initialization method (other than plain init inherited from NSObject) nor @public instance variables (e.g. _name and _date) and its properties are all readonly.

So I don't get how this whole thing could work internally? I would love to mimic this approach in one of my libraries, but can't really figure out how...


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Apple's code has access to Apple's code. The readonly properties of NKIssue are likely re-declared as readwrite in a class extension. Have a look at "Property Redeclaration" in TOCPL.

In the header, you see:

@interface Carborundum : NSObject
@property (readonly, copy, nonatomic) NSString * whiskers;
@property (readonly, retain, nonatomic) NSDate * inception;

In the implementation file (or other private file) there's a class extension that has the same properties, with the exact same attributes (this is required) except readonly.

@interface Carborundum ()
@property (copy, nonatomic) NSString * whiskers;
@property (retain, nonatomic) NSDate * inception;

They're synthesized as usual:

@implementation Carborundum

@synthesize whiskers;
@synthesize inception;


This allows code that can see the class extension (i.e., other UIKit code) to use the properties as read-write, while your code, which only has access to the header, is limited to the read-only version. This is enforced by the compiler, not the runtime.

There's a fair number of SO questions that go into this: http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=%5Bobjc%5D+redeclare+property

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How would you @synthesize those in implementation please? – Ali Servet Donmez Mar 30 '12 at 7:56

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