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I want to show my designer something so he ccan build it for my iPhone app. Is there any website or tool in which I can easilie draw something with iPhone patterns or something and show him what I want to have?

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ya there is a tool for it ., "MockUp" –  Bala Mar 29 '12 at 14:22

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some easy and free tool I have been using in the past: http://mokk.me/

But beware - it's still in beta, but compared to other tools which require either Adobe AIR ( http://www.balsamiq.com/ ) or are bound to a single platform (Mac, Win) and somewhat expensive this is a really good way to draw mockups for an iPhone App.

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These are some of the tools for iOS. But most of them are at a cost. you can try whichever is convenient for you.







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Another approach would be to use the "Storyboard" feature within newer versions of Xcode. Even though it's designed to produce actual interfaces for programs, it also works well as a high-level design tool for describing a sequence of screens and how they relate to each other.

In my current project, I'm not using a storyboard for the actual UI (because I need a little more control over view logic than it allows) but I do use it to sketch out how the visual portions of the application should appear and how they should interact with each other.

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