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Relatively new to Mathematica, so this might be an easy question. With two lists I need to sort both by one of them, while ignoring any non-numeric values


x={a, b, c, d, e, f, g};
y={-2, Indeterminate, -3, -Infinity, -1, Apples, 5};

(Also have z=Partition[Riffle[x,y], 2] if that's a little bit better to work with)

Result looking for:

xn={g, e, a, c}
yn={5, -1, -2, -3}

(Or zn equivalent from using z)

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Consider asking on mathematica.stackexchange.com, which is currently the place to ask any Mathematica-related questions. –  Leonid Shifrin Mar 29 '12 at 14:31

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Here is one way:

Transpose@Reverse@SortBy[Cases[Transpose[{y, x}], {_?NumericQ, _}], First]

which returns

{{5, -1, -2, -3}, {g, e, a, c}}

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