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I have a WPF XamDataGrid (I'm using the MVVM pattern, xaml below) and I need it to show the record details in another window when the user double clicks on a row. I have the command which gets the job done, but I don't know how to fire it up as I do with buttons. I want to be able to execute the command when the user double clicks a row, so I need to send the double clicked row (or its ID) as a parameter to the comand. Is it possible?

<igDP:XamDataGrid DataSource="{Binding SomeList}">
                <igDP:FieldLayoutSettings AutoGenerateFields="False"/>
                <igDP:FieldLayout >
                        <igDP:Field  Name="ObjectId" Label="Id" Width="Auto"/>
                        <igDP:Field  Name="Description" Label="Object Description" Width="Auto"/>
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I use MVVM pattern too and write such as:

<igDP:XamDataGrid ItemsSource={Binding Path=StaffList, Mode=OneWay}>
    <MouseBinding MouseAction="LeftDoubleClick" 
                  Command="{Binding Path=EditStaffCommand, Mode=OneWay}" 
                  CommandParameter="{Binding Path=DataItem}"/>

Where EditStaffCommand and StaffList - properties from view model

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Take a look at Attached command behaviours (http://marlongrech.wordpress.com/2008/12/13/attachedcommandbehavior-v2-aka-acb/). They allow to bind commands to events.

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You can create a behavior to add a binding between your ViewModel’s Command and the Double Click event of the Grid.

See the following post for more information:


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