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This might be simple for someone who has already done something similar.

I've a simple Grid in which I render data into controls (i.e. textbox, checkbox, ...) so that the user can do bulk editing in the rows rendered and then hit the submit button to get all the updates in the database.

Now, I've a working version of such editable Grid in my ASP.Net MVC2 proj. Next, I want to have sorting, pagination & filter using jQuery on client side (you can assume that I'm rendering the whole grid with lots of records). I can easily do this with server side coding and render just one pageful of Grid but for now consider that I want to do it on client side.

I've tried the some jQuery plugins - they work fine but for normal readonly text based Grids. My Grids have textbox, checkbox which user can edit and my problem is that none of these plugins persist their edited value during search & pagination. Or they persist it dynamically - which is not passed to the server!

For example, in this Grid the checkbox status is either not persisted across pagination:

enter image description here

Hope someone has gone thru this and would help me. We try hard to keep things simple & clean.

Plugins tried:

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Try jqGrid, I think it has all the features that you are looking for trirand.com/blog/jqgrid/jqgrid.html –  Vega Mar 29 '12 at 14:39
Just tested another plugin: scriptiny.com/2009/03/table-sorter but it won't persist the checkbox status while paging. –  Hemant Tank Mar 29 '12 at 14:42

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Have a look at this article: http://roberto.open-lab.com/2010/01/30/javascript-grid-editor-i-want-to-be-excel/

Several of these grids give you nearly full control of which things are persisted and when. If you want your checkboxes to persist immediately, you could add a listener on the checkbox itself that makes a call to the server.

I'm a big fan of DataTables, but I haven't used it for the specific scenario you describe.

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In case you've used jqGrid - does it have a simple initializer like : $("#sortable").tablesorter(). I saw that its constructor asks too much! –  Hemant Tank Mar 29 '12 at 15:07

I wrote a checkbox parser for tablesorter which allows you to sort the checkbox column.

I haven't tested this, but since it uses the updateCell method to update the cached cell contents whenever you modify the checkbox, I think it might just work along with the pager plugin.

Check out the demo here, just copy the parser code and try it along with the pager plugin.

Edit: Oops, I forgot that it will require the latest version of tablesorter from this fork on github. The reason is that the original tablesorter doesn't pass all of the extra variables to the format function: format: function(s, table, cell, cellIndex) {}

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I guess I didn't read the part about the table using a pager as well. If you use my fork of tablesorter, the pager has an additional option named removeRows which you would set to false to keep the tbody whole. –  Mottie Sep 2 '12 at 12:31
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Based on a few popular plugins I've reviewed so far and the basic understanding (more or less) about how they would have achieved the pagination on client side, I derive that most of them -

Cache the table rows in a variable. And they clear the 'TBODY' before paging or search and refill it with the result.

So, during the postback I only get the number of rows "refilled" and not the actual table. Atleast thats what my MVC action showed me. And sometimes, it was empty!

I conclude that though the status and values of the controls in the Grid seem to be visible across paginaton, they're not in sync with what is being passed during postback. I'd be happy to be wrong or if a plugin does it better.

SOLUTION: For now, I've to log the values if my checked checkbox in a temp textbox which will make the values available during postback no matter what the plugin does with the actual table!

Thank you.

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BTW, I've confirmed the caching scenario for the "jquery.tablesorter.filter.js" - it'll mess up your tbody during postback. At best you might expect that it'll return the original tbody. These plugins are best suited for readonly / text only Grids. –  Hemant Tank Mar 30 '12 at 12:29

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