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Great toolkit and great demos!

I want to use XTK with an existing system. Is there any way to set an object's transform directly from a 4x4 affine transform matrix (ie not by rotations, translations etc)?

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you can use

var transform = new X.matrix(
      [[-2.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, 110.00000],
       [0.00000, 0.00000, 2.00000, -71.00000],
       [0.00000, -2.00000, 0.00000, 110.00000],
       [0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000, 1.00000]]); 


like in http://lessons.goxtk.com/08/


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Sorry missed that one, but it's just what I needed. –  billhill00 Mar 29 '12 at 16:37

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