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I would like to ask a question. Now i am training in iOS with UISearchBar , TableView and Sqlite. I have sqlite database and i want to search data from that sqlite database and then i want to show that search data in tableView. I already select data into NSMutableArray named myArray in ViewDidLoad Event like following code.

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    MyInfo *myInfo = [[MyInfo alloc] init];
    myArray = [myInfo getInitialData]; // myArray is my NSMutableArray's variable name and getData From getInitialData Method.

    [tableData addObjectsFromArray:myArray]; // tableData is my next NSMutableArray's variable name that i want to show search data in tableView.

like that.I added data from myArray into tableData. and then i write some of code in UISearchBar's textDidChange Events following like that.

- (void)searchBar:(UISearchBar *)searchBar textDidChange:(NSString *)searchText
    if([searchText isEqualToString:@""] || searchText==nil)
        [myTableView reloadData];

    NSInteger counter = 0;
    for(NSString *nameMe in myArray)
        NSRange r = [[nameMe lowercaseString] rangeOfString:[searchText lowercaseString]];
        if(r.location != NSNotFound)
            if(r.location== 0)//that is we are checking only the start of the names.
                [tableData addObject:nameMe];

    [myTableView reloadData];

But i can't search data from database.There was error occurring. I think i am wrong in my search code. My column name is "name" that i want to search from database. However i don't know how to search data with UISearchBar. If my codes are wrong,please advice me how to search data from sqlite. I am just beginner in iOS , please help me.

Best Regards,

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If there is a sample iOS project for UISearchBar with UITableView and Sqlite database, please share me!. Thanks –  Sabo Mar 29 '12 at 15:49
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Here is the Link It is doing exaclty what u want to do. only u have to modify just a bit the table view in the example are filled with plist Element (correct me if i m wrong i used it long time back)

All u have to do is that fill the Array with the Values from Sqlite Database. I could have shown u that as well but i dont have my mac with me right now

Do let me know if it worked or u need any other help...!!!!



did u allocated ur NSMutatable Array

Some thing like

NSMutableArray *myArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
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Thanks you so much! I will try your help.If you can later, please teach me your code. Thanks again. –  Sabo Mar 29 '12 at 17:24
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