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As i am new.. i am not able to upload a screenshot of the spreadsheet, so this makes life difficult. I can email a screenshot to anyone that maybe able to help!

I have had a look at previous posts/questions and have not found anyting similair,I hope someone can help!!

I have created a DSUM formula for a cost spreadsheet on a project for two argumets, Phase and work code. the entire spreadsheet seems to work no problems, with the exception of a single £13 value that seems to be double counted. After a bit of chasing i have identified the following

My spreadsheet includes two calculations with criteria: Formula 1 (Management) - Phase - Work Code Formula 2 (Design) - Phase - Work Code

  1. Column for Management Criteria includes a "DX2" workcode (this is the £13 that appears to be double counted), firstly in the correct formula for management and again in the next row over for Design
  2. If i remove/0 all bar the DX value in Design work code, this still includes the DX2 cost
  3. the formatting of DX/DX1/DX2 is identical

Formula is: =DSUM(BIC_Data,"Expense Cost (1)",G283:H314)

Where: BIC_Data is a seperate TAB with expense Cost (1) being the data i need to review, the criteria is G283:H314, with the top row including the column headers for Phase and work code

Probably not describing this that well, but any help or advice appreciated

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At least provide the Formulas you are using... –  Francis P Mar 29 '12 at 15:40
Post amended, @francisP –  Dave Jowett Mar 29 '12 at 16:06

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Sounds like your DX criterion is picking up anything that begins with DX including DX2 and DX1 etc. so DX2 gets counted twice, once under DX criterion and once for DX2.

Make sure you enter the criteria correctly:

Don't enter as ="DX" (so that DX displays)

enter exactly like this


[yes, with two = ]

that will display as =DX

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+1: an equal sign could be inserted before all criteria by pressing Alt+F11 and entering in the immediate window: [G284:H314]=["=""="&G284:H314&""""] –  lori_m Mar 29 '12 at 17:20
Thanks one and all, this seems to work –  Dave Jowett Mar 30 '12 at 8:36

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