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I need to debug my application to look for content in variables and so on. I usually do this on my phone with usb debugging driver and eclipse. But my app won't automatically start on the phone any longer. The console in Eclipse only shows this:

[2012-03-29 17:18:56 - AppName] Performing sync
[2012-03-29 17:18:58 - AppName] Uploading AppName.apk onto device '80A354043047206372'
[2012-03-29 17:18:58 - AppName] Installing AppName.apk...
[2012-03-29 17:19:01 - AppName] Success!
[2012-03-29 17:19:01 - AppName] \AppName\bin\AppName.apk installed on device
[2012-03-29 17:19:01 - AppName] Done!

Now I have to start my app manually, and therefore I can't debug the app.

Any suggestions to this problem?

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Have you remove the android.intent.action.MAIN or android.intent.category.LAUNCHER in your manifest. –  dreamtale Mar 29 '12 at 15:38
Nope seems to be right. –  Tobias Moe Thorstensen Mar 29 '12 at 15:56
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I think you should try to config your Run configuration in the eclipse like below showing picture, look at your Launch Action.

enter image description here

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In your manifest, add andrdoid:debuggable="true" And launch your app in debugging mode.

I also think that you don't have any launcher activity. Make sure you have an activity with LAUNCHER CATERGORY and ACTION MAIN.

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Under which tag should I put the statement? Under the application tag? –  Tobias Moe Thorstensen Mar 29 '12 at 15:55
C'mon man get sporty. Dig it out. Even if you google that line, you'll come to know where to put it. But good practice is trial and error. –  Rajkiran Mar 30 '12 at 5:51
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