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I have a Windows app called via Shell from MS Word that reads and writes to Sqlite. I'm porting it to Mac. On windows I have a batch file:

SQLite3.exe pathtodb\databasename <sqlitecommands.txt

This batch calls the Sqlite command line program, attachs the database, and reads the command from sqlitecommands.txt. The sqlitecommands is dynamically modified(by Word VBA) to read (Select) Write (Update) to/from the database.

What is the format of an applescript to do the same thing in Mac OSX?

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The following AppleScript creates a one-line shell script with sqlite syntax and executes it:

set sql to "sqlite3 ~/desktop/test.db 'insert into \"test\" values(\"hello world\",\"666\");'"
do shell script sql

You can use this example to create your own scripts dynamically.

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