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How can i generate an javascript test coverage using jstestdriver?

I am able to run the javascript test using jstestdriver. I want to generate a coverage report to check how much percentage of javascript files i have tested.

I have read through this website and followed the instructions provided. However, i still can not get a coverage report.

My folder struture right now is and the relevant files i have imported for coverage report:

        -javascipt (includes coverage.js, CoverageTest.js, Instrumentable.js, plugin.js)
        -plugins (includes coverage.jar)
    - web-server.js

In my coverage.conf, I have the following content:

server: http://localhost:9876

  - test/lib/jstestdriver/javascript/coverage.js
  - test/lib/jstestdriver/javascript/CoverageTest.js
  - test/unit/*.js
  - name: "coverage"
    jar: "test/lib/jstestdriver/plugins/coverage.jar"
    module: ""


Thank you in advance for your help=)

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It didn't work as expected for me either, but now it does. I'm not sure why but I think all I changed was the whitespace in the config file:

- name: "coverage"
jar: "coverage-1.3.4.b.jar"
module: ""

Note: the .dat file which was generated was empty the first time I ran this.

(I have the CodeCoverage jar in the same directory as the .conf file)

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