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There is a simple form that has 6 dropdownlists and a gridview. When any of the dropdownlists change the value filters the grid by altering the selectcommand. A user can navigate in another page through a row of the grid.

From the other page a user has a back button that loads the page WITH a querystring which has the values of the dropdownlists.

I want to accomplish 2 things:

1) To put the values in the dropdownlists. This i have done easily.

2) The next thing is to make the grid show data based on this values. this is its normal operation.

I thought that if i add the following code in page load would do the trick but it didnt. I tried all the events but no luck.I can get the dropdownlists to hold the value i want but the grid shows ALL records:

 if (!IsPostBack)
        if (Request.QueryString["ret"] != null)
            string[] retvalues = Request.QueryString["ret"].Split('_');
            dsTodo.SelectCommand = dsTodo.SelectCommand + Build_Where();


The last 2 lines exist in the selectedvaluechange evnets on the dropdownlists and they work fine to filter the grid in normal operation.

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You are setting the SelectCommand but you are not executing it. Do this:

dsTodo.SelectCommand = dsTodo.SelectCommand + Build_Where();

That's assuming that the DataSourceID property of the GridView1 is set to dsTodo.

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nothing changed....I found out that my problem may rest in another area...although i get the querystring values in an array it seems that i am having trouble in setting them in the dropdownlist.... i am using srProject.Items.FindByValue(retvalues[0].ToString()).Selected = true; to fill the dropdownlists now but i cant see them selected and are not passed through to the selectcommand....thanks anyway i think i may research more and open another question :( – e4rthdog Mar 29 '12 at 17:56
@e4rthdog whatever the problem is, it's not sufficient to set the SelectCommand to the SqlDataSource, you need to execute it by calling the Select method and then bind the GridView. Good luck. – Icarus Mar 29 '12 at 18:21

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