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Lets say i had a a button that cycles through numbers how can i store the number but if the next array is displayed then delete the previous entry so on so on and so on. When i keep on pressing the button it diplays 1, 2 , 3 but i want it to show a single value.

Code example:

        final CharSequence[] items = {"1", "2", "3"};            
        if (value < items.length) {
           String s = (String)items[value];

            String sRow1 = sqlName.getText().toString();
            long lRow1 = Long.parseLong(sRow1);
            HotOrNot ex1 = new HotOrNot(this);

            String name = sqlName.getText().toString();
            HotOrNot entry = new HotOrNot(SQLiteExample.this);

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I don't follow; can you restate the question? What I am gathering is that you wish to display "1", then when the button is pressed, display "2" and so on.

  • Is your code displaying "1, 2, 3" or "1", then "2", then "3" now? If it is the former, there may be a problem with how you are displaying the numbers.
  • Also, if the HotOrNot class is relevant can you explain it's function?
  • Is the concern with the display or editing the CharSequence in code?



String sRow1 = sqlName.getText().toString();

looks like it can be shortened to String sRow1 = s as you are getting the very string you just used.

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