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I'm much interested in doing what the first pictures describe on this article, only that I'm only interested in doing it on parallelepipeds (cube-like shapes), so no sphere or tube or circular shapes whatsoever.

There is this library, , but it has a lot of features, and I don't know if it does what I'm looking for, and if yes, what parts could I use ?

Do you know any other library that does what I want ?

C/C++ is preferred over C#/java, but I'm open... The goal being to not reinvent the wheel.

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If you need only rendering (no mesh generation), look at this.

If you need to generate new mesh:

Personaly, I picked Ogre version, rewrote to use STL containers (it use fixed size for face count) and slightly optimized.

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opencsg seems a little too scientific-oriented, and quite too complex to use (the api seems to be written in a c fashion, unusable imo), but I was not aware about the ogre version, I'm quite surprised to see there is one. I'm interested in doing procedural models and I'm using ogre, so it's perfect, thanks a lot ! – jokoon Sep 8 '12 at 20:52

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