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This is a cron job, and the output to STDERR results in an email notification of an error, which I need. However, the errors may be non-fatal, so I also need the STDERR output included in the log with STDOUT. How?

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this gets asked 1-2 x per month. Didn't you find anything that will help? Good luck. –  shellter Mar 29 '12 at 17:55

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OK, I spent a few minutes working out how to do this with just the standard shell command line.

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous command line.

((./your-script 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3 3>&- | tee /dev/fd/2) 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3 3>&- ) |
    cat >logfile

The only thing I can say about that abomination is that it works... and I can't find anything simpler that also works. Oh, and, it doesn't require bash or anything. It works in standard bourne shell.

I haven't got a clue why there has to be | cat near the end, but it doesn't work without it.

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Adding cat at the end changes the line buffering mode, so you'd see the output sooner (perhaps), but I would expect it to be all the same in the end. –  ams Mar 30 '12 at 9:15

The following command works with less characters:

((./your-script 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3- | tee /dev/fd/2) 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3- ) | cat > logfile
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