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Currently, CTRL + P (Goto Anything) shortcut searching the file only in the current layout (grid). I use Grid:4, and want to search file no matter which grid the file is opened. Does anyone know how i can do this? or there's no way to do this?


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Not totally sure what you're trying to do, but if you want to 'search' in all open files (ie. find a sequence within all these files), you can do ctrl+shift+F (find anywhere) and then add 'Add Open Files' in the 'where' box and that will let you do it.

But if you want to 'goto' an open file in a different view/grid position, then ctrl+P ain't gonna cut it.. unless all the files are in the current project (projects are a good idea to use), then you can jump to any project file (although this will include non-open files, and exclude any open files not in the project.).

Or, if you just want to jump between open files in different views with keyboard commands you can use Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to change tabs left to right in a view, or Alt+[1,2,3,etc] to jump to that number tab in a view, and Ctrl+[1,2,3,4] to change the focus between views.

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Another nifty (but tricky) shortcut - you can right-click and use your mouse wheel to navigate between tabs –  Martin Jan 23 '13 at 19:32

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