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I have a mobile application built with html 5. I've deployed the mobile application to iphone, android and blackberry using PhoneGap. The app loads up a list of user profiles via an Ajax call to my web server which has a database of user information.

My database of user information currently lacks user profile images for any of the users. How do I allow a user to associate their user profile on the mobile app with a profile image of themselves?

My current challenges are:

  • I can't seem to get html5 file upload button to work on the iPhone

  • a friend told me to try authenticating with linkedin, then ask for their linked in profile image. This can be done via of a concept of "childbrowser" on ios devices. But he claims there are some challenges (i think in terms of a good user experience) with android and blackberry?

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Have you looked into Gravatar? Your users would have to set up their profile picture on the site, then they provide you a link to their chosen avatar from the Gravatar website. It doesn't require any authentication to use.

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The iPhone browser lacks most of the file related APIs.

Anyway I have had enough problems with File APis to recommend the solution that @saluce is probably your best bet. Use a web service whenever possible to avoid having to deal with files as much as possible and for this particular use case, the gravatar solution is a good bet.

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