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I have been trying for a while now to get rid of a bug but i cant find the root of the problem could you please help me with it, i` mout of ideas(check google also)


#include <iostream>   
#include "Structs.h"
#include "UI.h"

using namespace std;
int main(){
    //Main function of the program. no pre/ post condition.
    Array M;
    Array B;

return 0;


#ifndef UI_H_
#define UI_H_

int printMenu(Array &);

#endif /* UI_H_ */


#include <iostream>

#include "Structs.h"
#include "UI.h"

using namespace std;

int printMenu(Array &M){
    //Takes input and calls the specified function. input int nr from 1 ->  , and output function call.
    int input;
    input = 1;
        while (input){
            cout<<"1.  Add to current day "<<endl;
            cout<<"2.  Insert amount to day by type "<<endl;
            cout<<"3.  Remove day "<<endl;
            cout<<"4.  Remove days "<<endl;
            cout<<"5.  Remove type of expenses"<<endl;
            cout<<"6.  Replace type  at specified day"<<endl;
            cout<<"7.  Show expenses bigger than"<<endl;
            cout<<"8.  Show expenses bigger than... to day..."<<endl;
            cout<<"9.  Show expenses of specified type overall"<<endl;
            cout<<"10. Calculate sum of specified type over all"<<endl;
            cout<<"11. Show day with highest expenses"<<endl;
            cout<<"12. Show all days with specified expenses"<<endl;
            cout<<"13. Sort days by expenses increasing"<<endl;
            cout<<"14. Sort days by expenses discreasing"<<endl;
            cout<<"15. Filter type"<<endl;
            cout<<"16. Filter type starting with"<<endl;
            cout<<"18. Undo"<<endl;
            cout<<"0.  Clear and exit!"<<endl;

            cout<<"enter option: ";

            case 1:add(M);break;
            case 2:insert(M);break;
            case 3:removeDay(M);break;
            case 4:removeDays(M);break;
            case 5:removeType(M);break;
            case 6:replaceDayType(M);break;
            case 7:printSelect(M);break;
            case 8:printSelectTo(M);break;
            case 9:printAllType(M);break;
            case 10:sumType(M);break;
            case 11:maxDay(M);break;
            case 12:printExact(M);break;

            case 0:break;
            default: cout<<endl;cout<<"Wrong input!"<<endl;cout<<endl;break;

return 0;


D:\c++\Begin\Lab3-5Mod\Debug/../src//UI.cpp:9: multiple definition of `printMenu(Array&)'
src\UI.o:D:\c++\Begin\Lab3-5Mod\Debug/../src/UI.cpp:9: first defined here

or ambigous depending on how i set header if (Array M) (Array &) or (Array &M) I have tried every thing... if someoen cosiders he needs more ifo i`ll post more.... but seriosly i tried everything :|


#ifndef STRUCTS_H_
#define STRUCTS_H_

const int days=31;
const int exp=6;

struct Array{
    int days;
    int exp;
    int **M;

void constr(Array &);
void destruc(Array &);
void add( Array &);
void insert(Array &);
void removeDay(Array &);
void removeDays(Array &);
void removeType(Array & );
void replaceDayType(Array & );
void printSelect( Array & );
void printSelectTo(Array &);
void printAllType(Array &);
void sumType(Array &);
void maxDay(Array &);
void printExact(Array &);
void sortAsc(Array &);
void sortDesc(Array &);
void filterType(Array &);
void filterTypeFrom(Array &);
void undo(Array &);
void dummyData(Array &);

#endif /* STRUCTS_H_ */
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By changing Array to int, commenting out the function calls that aren't defined in the given source code, and including the UI.cpp file in main (CodeBlocks, GCC, not in a project), it compiled just fine. How are the other files #including these two? – chris Mar 29 '12 at 18:14
do you have newlines at the end of your headers? – Tom Kerr Mar 29 '12 at 18:16
the other files do no include this ones since one is the main and the other is the main for main function – Bogdan Maier Mar 29 '12 at 18:18
This appears to be missing a <homework> tag – DRVic Mar 29 '12 at 18:20
That error message might be a linker messages, not a compiler message. If that is so, then you have linked UI.o into your program twice. What compiler, OS, and/or IDE are you using? What is the exact command you use to link your program? – Robᵩ Mar 29 '12 at 18:33

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