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I'm working on an app that uses apache-commons-configuration and XPath to parse loads of XML files. No DTDs or Schemas are used, so it's all pretty loose.

If the app gets this config:

 <Session ... />
 <Sessopm ... />

it successfully creates two Session objects. So I know that the app is written in such a way that it's looking for multiples.

Now, instead, if I use the xlin:href to reference another file like this:

  <Session xlink:href="file.xml://Session"/>

and put the following in file.xml:

  <Session .../>
  <Session .../>

It only loads the first one.

Now, I thought the "//Session" syntax should give me all the elements in the file. I can only assume the xlink:href is messing with things.

Any help appreciated. Regards, Ian

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I still dont really know why this just doesnt work, but I've managed to work around the problem by linking to the parent object - in my example, the



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