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public class Demo
    public void When(Func<Person, bool> condition)
        if (!condition)
            Log.Info("Condition not met.");

        // Do something

In the When method, I would like to log when a predicate or Func<bool> returns false. However, just logging "condition not met" doesn't give me much information. If I call the method like so:

demo.When(x => x.Name == "John");

Is there a way to convert that expression into a readable/meaningful string for logging purposes?

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Agree with @Kirk Woll below. And assuming you don't want to change your method signature, you're likely SOL. See related: stackoverflow.com/questions/767733/…. –  David Peden Mar 29 '12 at 18:25

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There's not much useful meta data in an ordinary lambda. You could use expression trees instead:

void When(Expression<Func<Person, bool>> condition)
    var person = new Person();
    if (!condition.Compile()(person))
        Console.WriteLine("Condition not met: " + condition);

Then at the call site:

 When(x => false);

And the output will be:

Condition not met: x => False

However, expression trees introduce a lot more overhead, and condition.Compile is not cheap either. So I can't generally recommend this approach, but it will output useful info like you want.

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