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As I read, I have problem with MySql Connector. I use MySql and NHibernate.

I've class which includes this field:

private TimeSpan begin;
private TimeSpan end;

The fields are mapped by this:

<property name="Begin" column="start" type="TimeAsTimeSpan" />
<property name="End" column="koniec" type="TimeAsTimeSpan" />

Exception is caused by this (line hourDAO.save(hour)):

TimeSpan begin = new TimeSpan(7, 0, 0);
TimeSpan end = new TimeSpan(7, 45, 0);
HourDAO hourDAO = new HourDAO();
Hour hour = new Hour();
hour.Begin = begin;
hour.End = end;

Why it is? Can you explain me?

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You need to change your types in mapping from TimeAsTimeSpan to TimeSpan

<property name="Begin" column="start" type="TimeSpan" />
<property name="End" column="koniec" type="TimeSpan" />
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