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I am trying to get into CI development for a php project, after I failed with phpUnderControl because Java seemed to explode at me I wanted to try xinc. I got xinc installed just fine (mainly because I am good at php and knew what the errors it gave out ment). Is there a step by step tutorial for a project? I have only found this: http://xinc.eu/api/documentation/get/file/xinc/1211028000/Enduser/index.html and http://code.google.com/p/xinc/wiki/SimpleSubversionProject

My main problems are that I don't what should go into the config in /etc/xinc/conf.d and what to put into the build.xml in /var/xinc.

I will write one tomorrow after having to bruteforce for half a day :) fun day though good thing I am a developer and get to do things like these!

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I don't know about the conf.d file but the build.xml should be a Phing-build file.

Phing is the build system much like Ant or similar

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