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I have an abstract class that has common methods in it, that I wish to test, so I do not have to keep testing them in each class that extends this class.

abstract class Class1 implements iClass1
    const VALUE = 'A';
    private $Return;    
    public function __construct($Field = NULL)
        if( ! is_null($Field) )
    public function GetField()
        return $this->Return;
    public function SetField($Field)
        if (strlen($Field) != 3)
        throw new CLASS1_EXCEPTION('Field "' . $Field . '" must be 3 digits.');

    $this->Return = $FieldCode;
    abstract function CalculateData();

I want to create the basic test case then that will test the constructor, and the GetField and other functions, then my other test files can test the abstract functions.

I want to be able to test the const has not changed, the field throws the exception etc...


class TEST_CLASS1 extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    protected function setUp()
    public function testConstants()
        $this->assertEquals(CLASS1, 'A');

    /* @expectedException CLASS1_EXCEPTION
    public function testLargeFieldException()
        $class1 = new CLASS1('ABCD');
        $class1 = new CLASS1();

How do I create the tests since I can not create the CLASS1 object as it is an abstract class?

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possible duplicate of PHPUnit - Testing abstract Classes – David Harkness Apr 3 '12 at 23:31
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One option is to create a

TestableClass1 extends Class1 {
     public function CalculateData() {}

and use that class for your tests.

The other option is to do pretty much the same but use an API phpunit provides you with:

For this see the sample Example 10.13: Testing the concrete methods of an abstract class of the phpunit documentation:

A simpler example:

abstract class AbstractClass
    public function concreteMethod()
        return 5;

    public abstract function abstractMethod();

class AbstractClassTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    public function testConcreteMethod()
        $sut = $this->getMockForAbstractClass('AbstractClass');
        $this->assertSame(5, $sut->concreteMethod());
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the bigger code example above, without trying to implement the testable class for fear of them getting out of sync. – Steven Scott Apr 2 '12 at 13:37

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