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I am working with JFreeChart to create a line graph via an XYPlot which is embedded into an application. The graph is contained within a ChartPanel and added to the background panel of my GUI.

My issue is that the XYPlot appears so zoomed in that I am unable to see any of the lines; simply the whitespace background each side of them!

Is there a way to view the component at its "maximum zoomed out" state so that the graph is understandable?

Many thanks :)

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The setZoomInFactor() method works well for this, but you'll have to define maximum to choose the factor. This example shows how to add a control that manipulates the zoom state.

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perfect, thank you –  Mered Williams Mar 29 '12 at 20:18

Maybe, you should try to use

getChartPanel().zoomInRange(1, 2); getChartPanel().restoreAutoBounds()

Sometimes, only zoomOut just didn't worked for me, so I added zoomIn first and all worked well

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