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I have a List<SomeClass> bound to DevExpressXtraGrid like:

MyXtraGrid.DataSource = MyList;

I have some columns made in XtraGrid designer. Everything is ok and rows were shown in grid, but when I add objects to MyList grid is not refreshed and new item was not shown.

I've tried with MyXtraGrid.Refresh(), tried to rebind with MyXtraGrid.DataSource = MyList, but it didn't work.

MyXtraGrix.MyView.PopulareColumns() is not an option, cause I don't wont all fields from MyList to be show in grid, and this will earse columns I've configured with designer.

How to refresh the grid view to show object I've added ?

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Simply do this:

    private void BindCollection(IEnumerable collection)
        // keep current index
        GridView view = MyXtraGrid.Views[0] as GridView;
        int index = 0;
        int topVisibleIndex = 0;
        if (view != null)
            index = view.FocusedRowHandle;
            topVisibleIndex = view.TopRowIndex;

        MyXtraGrid.DataSource = collection;

        if (view != null)
            view.FocusedRowHandle = index;
            view.TopRowIndex = topVisibleIndex;


You can also get the selected row and reselect it after the new datasource has been set.

Also note that instead of List you can use BindingList<> in order to have the grid to update itself without you having to write a single line of code. Read more here.

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Use the GridControl.RefreshDataSource Method as i am using with my collection data Source is List of some class and it contain list of another class to create master view details.

GridControl scheduleGrid = sender as GridControl;
MyXtraGrid.DataSource = collection;

If you make changes to a IList (outside of the grid) I believe you would then have to call the RefreshDatasource method, and IList doesn't do change notifications. RefreshDataSource Method

I believe that you should inherit from IBindingList if you want it all to mesh together by itself. otherwise I do believe the RefreshDatasource should work.

Refreshing Grid When Using Custom Enumerator
How to keep unchanged scroll position when refreshing grid data_
Filtering the Object DataSource

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