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I'd like to use indeed XML feed but I have some performance issues. XML feed is basically a URL with parameters which returns an XML.

I open the url by urllib.urlopen(URL) and parse the response with xml.dom.minidom.parse. It gives me a DOM object than I get the related parts.

The problem is I have to open a connection for the same URL so many times, which returns exactly the same XML. I'd like to cache the resulting XML ones than before I open a new connection I want to check it if it's already in the memory. Of course, I have to flush the cache by every hour or any other algorithm.

However, I am little confused how I can implement it in Django? Or do you have any other caching suggestion ?


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from django.core.cache import cache

myObject = cache.get("myObject")
if (myObject == None):
  myObject = getObject()
  cache.set("myObject", myObject, 60*60) # Will cache the object for 60*60 seconds.

More info here:

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