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I'm using git hooks for the first time and stuck on an issue that seems simple but I haven't found any answer so far.

I have created a shell script (it works fine when called directly) which I want to call inside the git post-commit-hook. I know I could include the script itself in the hook, but that could get chaotic if more scripts are added.

The contents of the hook-file looks like this:


sh # This doesn't work by the way

: Nothing

The hook is definitely executed but is not found.

Where is the best place to put and how do I reference it?

Thanks in advance!

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The hook will be executed with the current directory set to $GIT_DIR which is usually the root directory of the repository.

If your script,, is in the hooks directory you would need to run

sh .git/hooks/
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Thanks, that worked! – TJ. Mar 29 '12 at 21:15

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