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I am trying to setup a tcpclient networkstream connection to certain API that will need to remain open while the program consumes (parses) the json data. The problem I am having is that at the point of connection it fails with a socketexception error (No Such Host is Known). If I do this using httpwebrequest, it connects fine; so not sure what I am doing wrong here. I was told that the tcpclient will work better than making a httpwebrequest. Can anyone suggest a soln to the error and which is a better alternative.? Also I want to be able to write the stream data to files with a restricted max size without losing data.

     Dim nstream as NetworkStream
     Dim tclient as TcpClient = New TcpClient(url,8008)
     nstream = tclient.GetStream()

It fails at the second line. My alternative that works:

webrequest = TryCast(WebRequest.Create(url), HttpWebRequest)
webrequest.Method = "CONNECT"  
    'something here
Loop While responseStream.CanRead

Acctually in the httpwebrequest, I get a 404 not found error

any ideas appreciated

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Do you have a default HTTP proxy (in IE)? –  Lotfi Mar 29 '12 at 21:38
No It does not not –  vbNewbie Mar 30 '12 at 15:48

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