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I think that the SO-style tag system works very well and would like to emulate it in an app I am building with Rails. I am especially enamored by the way the tag entry box looks up the top 5 tag matches as you type. Is there a built-in function or plug-in that would do something similar for me in Rails? Otherwise, what would be a good way to go about building this functionality?

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+1 tagging systems are woefully inadequate in rails. +100 for SO to create such a great tagging system. –  Ryan Oberoi Jun 14 '09 at 20:04
In what way are "tagging systems woefully inadequate"? That's a pretty broad/meaningless statement. –  BJ Clark Jun 14 '09 at 20:15

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My favorite tagging rails plugin is http://github.com/giraffesoft/is_taggable/tree/master

To do the autocomplete, I'd probably use something like: http://blog.jackhq.com/posts/3-how-to-add-jquery-autocomplete-to-your-rails-forms-in-a-restful-way

It would be easy to extend is_taggable to do a counter_cache for each tag and then have a default scope on that counter_cache column.
Probably in this file.

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