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Using Clearcase UCM and ClearCase Explorer, I some time ago deleted a file (command-line equivalent would be rmname). I now need to see the content of this file, but of course it is not shown as being in the directory. How may I get at the file's content (i.e. how do Ilook at the previous directory version--the version that existed before the delete)?

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You can follow a process similar to the IBM technote "Restore an element that has been rmnamed", which will allow you to find back the right version.

If you know the file name, you can search for its most recent version with:

cleartool find . -name "filename" -nvisible -print

If you are searching in a dynamic view, you should get a result like:


This is an extended path, which you can directly access in a dynamic view:

type M:\view\vob\directory@@\main\4\<missing-element-name>

See also "Get specific version of unloaded file with cleartool"

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Note: if your file was unreferenced and put in "lost+found", see www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=984&uid=swg21120317 –  VonC Mar 30 '12 at 1:23

Besides, I'd like to suggest another approach: You can use ClearCase Annotate to see deleted content. The plus is that you can see it in the relevant context near the relevant code lines.

To apply, you can use cleartool annotate -rm on relevant element. If you want to to use it more visually, you can use our Visual Annotate.

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