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I am running Junit Test Runner as TestRunner.run(suite) within a java main method and running that locally which succesfully runs . What I am stuck is that every test suite i run from the comamnd line produces a

OK (1 test) ... OK (2 test) ...

I dont want this behavior . Is there is some way i can get rid of this ? I have searched a lot and no one seems to be tackling this .

The Method Rule and Class rule annotations seem to be handling things at a suite level (interceptors) but i am not able to override the suite output that junit provides

Any pointers on this is much appreciated

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The TestRunner class has a setPrinter(ResultPrinter) method on it that allows you to override what happens to the output. You can also pass one into the constructor. By default the printer is:

new ResultPrinter(System.out);

If you, for example subclass the ResultPrinter you could turn off the successful output. Something like this should work:

public class MyResultPrinter extends ResultPrinter {
    public MyResultPrinter(PrintStream writer) {
    protected void printFooter(TestResult result) {
        if (result.wasSuccessful()) {
            // just drop the OK messages
        } else {
            // but print the failures

Then you'd use it like:

new TestRunner(new MyResultPrinter(System.out)).run(suite);
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Thanks a ton . Works great. – Nitin Apr 10 '12 at 0:33

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