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How do you hide the column names and row count in the output from psql?

I'm running a SQL query via psql with:

psql --user=myuser -d mydb --output=result.txt -c "SELECT * FROM mytable;"

and I'm expecting output like:


but instead I get:

(3 rows)

Of course, it's not impossible to filter the top two rows and bottom row out after the fact, but it there a way to do it with only psql? Reading over its manpage, I see options for controlling the field delimiter, but nothing for hiding extraneous output.

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You can use the -t or --tuples-only option:

psql --user=myuser -d mydb --output=result.txt -t -c "SELECT * FROM mytable;"

Edited (more than a year later) to add:

You also might want to check out the COPY command. I no longer have any PostgreSQL instances handy to test with, but I think you can write something along these lines:

psql --user=myuser -d mydb -c "COPY mytable TO 'result.txt' DELIMITER ','"

(except that result.txt will need to be an absolute path). The COPY command also supports a more-intelligent CSV format; see its documentation.

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alternatively, if you want the header but not the row-count footer, run psql with --pset="footer=off" – Gabriel Burt Mar 21 '13 at 14:36
COPY can indeed be a valid alternative, but the file will end up on the server, and not on the machine where psql is run... – fvu Sep 1 '15 at 14:23
@fvu: Good point. I usually ran psql on the server, so for me that wasn't an issue . . . – ruakh Sep 1 '15 at 15:36
If you want the file to end up on the client filesystem use the psql's \COPY (i.e. add a backslash in front of COPY command) – Mnemonic Flow Sep 30 '15 at 12:22

You can also redirect output from within psql and use the same option. Use \o to set the output file, and \t to output tuples only (or \pset to turn off just the rowcount "footer").

\o /home/flynn/queryout.txt
\t on
SELECT * FROM a_table;
\t off


\o /home/flynn/queryout.txt
\pset footer off
. . .
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