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I have a very basic theme that I created and I'm running into a problem that I've never experienced with any other theme I've made.

The homepage, pages and blog category pages display fine. When I click on an individual blog post, though, the post appears at the TOP of the page, UNDER the header and nav bar.

http://s5.mynewsitereview.com/category/blog/ - this is correct

http://s5.mynewsitereview.com/test-post-one/#more-1 - this is not

Please help!

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I think the problem is the page is scrolling (oddly, I agree) to your more-1 anchor because you've specified that in your link (after the #).

I think you have two options:

  1. Get rid of the anchor in your link (http://s5.mynewsitereview.com/test-post-one/ looks fine), or
  2. Move (to the top of your post) or remove altogether the anchor (<span id="more-1"></span>)
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I ended up finding out the problem on my own after much research - you hit it spot on. –  Cynthia Apr 3 '12 at 13:13

The problem is because <div id="main-pages">

have style:

overflow: hidden;

EDIT: There is one easy to implement full height layout with header, footer and columns.

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