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I'm using rspec atm and can't find any tutorials on it nor on the Rails testing in general. What are the best resources - like youtube, blogposts, books, screencasts, irc chanells...? How did you learn Rails testing?


Here's the summary of all the answers below plus some that I found.

Video 1 > How I test by Ryan Bates

Video 2 > The intro to Rails Screencast I wish I had (great tdd rails with rspec and capybara)

Video 3 > Ruby for Newbies (this one is focused on ruby tdd)

Video 4 > Efficient Rails Test-Driven Development (great series, especially for explaining theory)

Book 1 > The RSpec Book: Behaviour-Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends

Book 2 > Agile Web Development with Rails

Book 3 > Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec

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Thank you very much for all your links in your question! You might want to add these Railscasts too: railscasts.com/episodes/257-request-specs-and-capybara / railscasts.com/episodes/264-guard / railscasts.com/episodes/158-factories-not-fixtures –  MrYoshiji Oct 8 '13 at 15:45
Added some additional links to my answer below, you might want to check them out. If you have found some more sources over the past year then sharing is caring :) –  BookOfGreg Oct 23 '13 at 9:59
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I personally went and purchased the The Rspec Book - Pragmatic Programmers which is a decent read. The Agile Web Development - Pragmatic Programmers book also has a little testing section in it. Lastly I learned to use and love Capybara entirely off the back of Railscast 275 - How I Test.

Edit: With an additional year of reading, I'd like to recommend some more:

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@oFca If you are compiling a list, the resource my lecturer recommends but I never really liked is Chris Pine's Learn to program Ruby: pine.fm/LearnToProgram –  BookOfGreg Apr 3 '12 at 13:33
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Book to add to the list: "Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec". I've been reading through this and I really like how comprehensive the book is. You can effectively preview the first several chapters on Aaron Sumner's blog.

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This is a great book. –  Pedr May 30 at 20:07
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(Shameless plug) I've been testing the models in a big project at work, and I got tired of remembering the different things to test in each model. Eventually I made a big RSpec model testing template that had examples of the main things to test in a model

  • Valid factory (if you're using factories)
  • Validations
  • Associations
  • Scopes
  • Callbacks
  • Instance methods
  • Class methods

It helped me a lot when beginning to test new models because I could just copy many of the same tests & alter them for the current model. Hopefully it may help.


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If you're willing to pay some bucks, I sugest http://www.codeschool.com/courses/rails-testing-for-zombies. I used it for several courses and it's a great tool for me.

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Ryan Bates has a railscast on the subject "How i test". It covers RSpec, Capybara, Factory Girl, and Guard which is a pretty standard, easy to setup and useful combination.

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I saw a series of 6 training videos available at


Even though they are made using Rails 2, I recommend them. Then I read the RSpec Book.

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oh, yea, I forgot about those! excelent series! allthough the guy excells at explaining theory but is not as good as in explaining the code, a must see –  oFca Apr 2 '12 at 9:42
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I'm taking the Software Engineering for Software as a Service course now. It includes a section on TDD (Test Driven Development) and practically helped me to get started with RSpec, Cucumber and Capybara.

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