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Right now I have the following JSON document:


If someone wants 20 shares, I want to return the lowest price possible for 20 shares. In this case its:

13 shares at $1 ($13)

5 shares at $2 ($10)

2 shares at $3 ($6)

the total cost is $29

The specific knockout code I have to do this gets the 20 shares from a previously defined (and working) this.wantedShares() binding.


    this.totalCost = ko.computed(function(){                
            var wantedShares = this.wantedShares();
            var shareCounter = 0.00;
            var counter = 0;
            var totalPrice = 0.00;

            $.getJSON("sell.json", function(json){  
                $.each(json, function() {
                    if(shareCounter <= wantedShares){
                    shareCounter = shareCounter + json[counter].shares;
                    totalPrice = totalPrice + (json[counter].price * json[counter].shares);
            return totalPrice;
    }, this);

This code doesn't work, whatever is happening, its not updating totalPrice at all - it remains at 0. Any ideas?

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Let's see the rest of your view model. –  Tuan Mar 29 '12 at 23:00
Elliot, I posted an answer that shows the proper code, along with a working JSFiddle. Did that work for you? –  Judah Himango Mar 30 '12 at 15:11

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AJAX is asynchronous so your return will fire before the ajax is complete

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Your $.getJSON function is asynchronous, and when it returns it performs your callback, but in the meanwhile you have already returned totalPrice of 0. I would recommend switching to a subscribe on wantedShares and making totalPrice an observable that you set in the callback.

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$.getJSON is an asynchronous request. The 'A' in "AJAX" = asynchronous.

When Knockout evaluates your computed value, it's not going to wait for the asynchronous operation to complete. Therefore, it will always return 0.

Bottom line: don't do AJAX requests inside your computed value.

Instead, do something like this:

// Fetch all the shares asynchronously.
var allShares = ko.observableArray();
$.getJSON("sell.json", function(shares) { allShares(shares); });

// The totalCost observable is dependent on the allShares.
// When allShares changes asynchronously, totalCost will get re-evaluated.
var totalCost = ko.computed(function() {              
   var shareCounter = 0.00;
   var totalPrice = 0.00;

   allShares().each(function(share) {
       if(shareCounter <= wantedShares().length) {
           shareCounter = shareCounter + share.shares;
           totalPrice = totalPrice + (share.price * share.shares);

I've created this JSFiddle that shows it working.

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