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I'm looking for a step by step tutorial for Plupload (or another multifile upload) + Carrierwave on Rails 3.2. I found it : http://neovintage.blogspot.fr/2010/06/file-uploads-with-rails-3-plupload-and.html

But I always get 'Error 200'.


If I can make work Carrierwave + Plupload (or anoter), I want to know if it's possible to let the user chose the thumbnail?


And to finish, is it possible to add a gaussian blur to the photo, like the cropping image system (Select the area, and then, add the blur)

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I'd checkout the plupload rails gem and the carrierwave railscasts.Here is a link to how I set plupload up with carrierwave for multiple file uploads: How can I create multiple objects in a single form in Rails 3.1?

Not sure about the other two

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