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How to display unicode for "micron" or lower case "Mu" in a CEdit? thx

CEdit *ed = new CEdit();
ed->Create(WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER, CRect(200,100,300,120), this, 10);

CString s;
s.Format("%c", xx); //<--- how to do unicode here?

I think the unicodes:
micron 0x00b5
squared 0x00b2
cubed 0x00b3
degree 0x00b0
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If you're using the UNICODE project setting, this is trivial:

s.Format("%c", 0x3BC);

The CString will contain wide (UTF-16) characters which can hold most common Unicode characters in a single location; the only problem will come with Unicode code points over U+FFFF.

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