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So, I was wondering if there was a bash command that lets me fork a process which sleeps for several seconds, then executes a command.

Here's an example:

sleep 30 'echo executing...' &

^This doesn't actually work (because the sleep command only takes the time argument), but is there something that could do something like this? So, basically, a sleep command that takes a time argument and something to execute when the interval is completed? I want to be able to fork it into a different process then continue processing the shell script.

Also, I know I could write a simple script that does this, but due to some restraints to the situation (I'm actually passing this through a ssh call), I'd rather not do that.

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You can invoke another shell in the background and make it do what you want:

bash -c 'sleep 30; do-whatever-else` &
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Thanks! That did the trick. :) –  David Mar 29 '12 at 23:16

You can do

(sleep 30 && command ...)&

Using && is safer than ; because it ensures that command ... will run only if the sleep timer expires.

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Thanks! Much cleaner! –  cwohlman Jan 2 at 18:09

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