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I have a class, called Media, which represents coredata. If something changes in my database, i'll do Editor > Create NSManagedObject Subclass, and this will re-write the .h and .m files for the class.

I want to add a getter method though. As far as i'm aware, I can't do this through a category. What's the best way to go about doing this?

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Have a look at mogenerator, one of the most useful pieces of code available to the Cocoa community.

Unlike Xcode, mogenerator manages two classes per entity: one for machines, one for humans

The machine class can always be overwritten to match the data model, with humans’ work effortlessly preserved

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Copy getter, rewrite class, paste getter. :-)

If you've multiple files, and assuming you use a code-versioning system (which you should!), you can use the Versioning Editor to just copy the getter from the "old" file.

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You can add a Category to an NSManagedObject subclass. Have it in a separate file, and don't name your getter the same as your managed object variables (so technically it's no longer a getter, but its a method on your managed object that could access whatever you want). This won't be deleted when you regenerate your class.

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