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In the Django Admin I want to use data from the current record to populate fields for a foreign key record when I click the add (+) button next to the drop-down list.

For example, I am viewing an instance of X which has fields for a, b, and c and a foreign key Y. Y also has fields for a, b, and c, so when I click on the "add" button on the X instance, I want the a, b, and c fields for the new Y instance to be populated with the values from the X instance.

Obviously these fields would not be prepopulated if I just go to "add new Y" in the admin!

I have searched quite a bit to no avail!

Anyone had any success?

(I'm using django 1.3 with Python 2.6; I don't think any code snippets are required here.)

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Sorry, may be a bit too late but I think this is the answer

Django support url param in admin. You can do like this


then you can add foreign key by replace model_field with your foreign key name and value with the ID. Hope this help someone else :D

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You mean: {% url admin:app_model_add %}?model_field={{}} ;) Indeed, useful if you control the place where this link gets created. – Tomasz Gandor Jan 3 '14 at 15:59

So you would prefer to have an additional button called "Add new Y" that inserts another row into Y with data from X?

Then override the save() method on X so it inserts a row into Y every time it gets called.

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