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Is there a way to set col as dynamic or convert it in some way to a valid attribute? It is currently throwing the error: undefined method `col=' for #...

def copy_stock_data_from_sandbox(cntrlr)
  source_table = cntrlr.singularize.classify.constantize
  dest_table =
  source_table.column_names.each do |col|
    dest_table.col = xyz    # <------ This is the line in question

Also, not sure if the title is accurate, please suggest if 'dynamic attribute' is the wrong term for this situation. Thanks

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I believe that you're looking for the following:

dest_table.send(:"#{col}=", xyz)
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You can try

dest_table.write_attribute(col, xyz)


dest_table[col] = xyz


dest_table.send("#{col}=", xyz)
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