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Here is a simple scenario I created.

  1. Created a new single view project with story board.
  2. Added a new view controller to the storyboard from object library. At this point there are two view controllers on the storyboard. One, original one, which has actual class/interface attached to it. Second doesn't. I added a button on first view controller and second view controller.

  3. I created a segue from first VC to second VC using Modal.

  4. Attached an on click function to the first view controller button. It has perfromsegue call.

5 Ran the app, clicking the button on first VC works well, I see second view controller with button. Great

  1. Now I create another view controller file and attached it to the second view controller in the storyboard. Also ctrl-dragged the button in the .h file.

  2. Now I ran the application. When I click on the button the first view controller, I SEE BLANK SCREEN ???

What am missing here?

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Did you try removing the -(void)loadView method as suggested here:

iOS 5 Black screen after segue

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