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I have two columns, customer_name and invoice_date, in a table called bookkeeping.

All customers invoiced are entered in bookkeeping with the appropriate value in "invoice_date" column. The values in the "customer_name" column will most definitely have duplicates, but the "invoice_date" column will not (as only one customer is invoiced at a time).

Assuming the table has data for a month, how do I get a list of customers from the bookkeeping table that are new on a given date. Example, assuming table has data for entire month of March, how do I get all customers that were first invoiced on March 17th, excluding any customers that were invoiced on prior (or future) dates?

I am using a Firebird database.

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Is this the correct SQL for this? –  McJagger Mar 30 '12 at 3:11
select distinct customer_name from bookkeeping where cast(invoice_date as date) = 'march 29, 2012' and customer_name not in (select distinct customer_name from bookkeeping where cast(invoice_date as date) < 'march 29, 2012'); –  McJagger Mar 30 '12 at 3:12

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  bookkeeping b LEFT JOIN bookkeeping b2
    ON b.customer_name = b2.customer_name
      AND b.invoice_date <> b2.invoice_date
  b.invoice_date = '17.03.2012'
  b2.customer_name IS NULL
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