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The content is secured through basic HTTP authentication: you try to access the URL, you're prompted for user pass by your browser, fill submit, and bam you've gotten the resource. These steps can all be condensed by making a request as follows in a normal browser:


For HTTP/FTP I've seed simple fetches in Pipes retrieve password protected feeds using a url. The Get Password Protected Feed pipe is one example.

Yahoo Pipes, however, does not support SSL... so while I could make a request like https://user:password@host.tld/somethingsnazzy.xml from my browser, the pipe will fail. A work around involves using YQL to access the protected resource since it does support HTTPS:

select * from xml where url='https://host.tld/notpassswordbutstillsnazzy.xml'

While a statement like the one above works fine, making a secured HTTP request that includes a username and password still yeilds a 401 error:

select * from rss where url='https://user:password@host.tld/somethingsnazzy.xml'

What gives?

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Try this query.

It uses an Open Data Table at

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Close. The 401 error results the server requires a specific authentication method. In my case an HTTP digest was required for authentication as opposed to basic authentication which your XML provides. After dabbling with some javascript, I managed to get it working. – faraz Apr 23 '12 at 0:05
@faraz can you post your updated code? – Jeff Apr 12 '14 at 16:05

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