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I have a table index which contains columns like accountno, opendate, name, address, etc.

I want to change the open date of some account numbers to a specific value.

How can I do this at once?

Meaning, I have to put the opendate of some account numbers (more than 100) to 01.01.1990.

But the account numbers are different. How can I do this in a single query?

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The question is answered correctly below. But before implementing, could I suggest you choose a name other than "index" for your table? –  Larry Lustig Mar 30 '12 at 3:59

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Wouldn't something like this work?

  opendate = <desired date> 
  accountno IN (
    a1, a2, ..., a100

If your account numbers don't satisfy a closed formula, you have to write out all 100 of them anyway.

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One way to do this is to use a comma separated list, or a table with the IDs of the records you would like to change (this only works if you are setting them all to the same value) Here is an example with a Comma seperated list:

 Update index 
   SET opendate = '1/1/1900'
 WHERE accountno IN (123, 456)

You can also load the IDs into a table then the query would be

 update index
   set opendate = '1/1/1900'
 WHERE accountno IN (SELECT accountno from acctnos_table)

Again this only works if you are setting all the records to the same date.

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