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I'm a totally Android newbie who's learing about intents. I'm working on a small application to stream youtube videos. My question is do I have to do anything especial when invoking an intent? what happens when the intent fails? I'm I responsible for handling exceptions? Do I have to do register the intent so I can invoke it? Thanks

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You need to register the intent... But you don't have handle Exceptions since it does't throw any... And when an Intent fails you don't get the result thats it.. –  ngesh Mar 30 '12 at 4:00
So are you saying that the OS prevents intents from throwing exceptions or is it a convention? –  Buzzer Mar 30 '12 at 4:54

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when you are invoking an intent, it means you will deal with any of the provided components like Activity, Receiver, service ect . so the case where operation inside this component throws some exception, for example an activity throws a NPE , that should be handlelled withing that component itself or within activity for this example . even if you will handle it at the time of invocation , despite being unusual and not recommended approach , like this :

try { startActivity( . .); } catch { } this will not going to handle exception, thrown from inside activity code .

so conclusion is that neither android OS nor you should handle it at the time of invocation, but handle them at specific places where possible that any exception can accrue .

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