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i read data from my config file like this:

ip_vlan1 = "10.10.($id+100).5"
ip_vlan2 = "10.11.($id*2+1).6"

And for each vlan, I want calculate vlan address for it, based on ID and vlan-expression:

def calculate_vlan_id(id, vlan_exp):
    return ip_addr   # string


def(3, ip_vlan1) --> result: ""
def(5, ip_vlan2) --> result: ""

Do you have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance, folks!

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You could use a text templating engine. (Which is safer than using eval based tricks).

Here's an example using genshi

from genshi.template import TextTemplate
ip_vlan1 = TextTemplate("10.10.${id+100}.5")
ip_vlan2 = TextTemplate("10.11.${2*id+1}.6")
print( ip_vlan1.generate(id=3) ) # prints
print( ip_vlan2.generate(id=5) ) # prints

If you really need the calculate_vlan_id function it would look something like this:

def calculate_vlan_id(id,ip_vlan):
  return ip_vlan.generate(id=id)


As requested here's an example using jinja2: This may not be the best way to do this, the jinja2 docs are large and confusing.

ip_vlan1 = jinja2.Template('10.10.{{id+100}}.5')
ip_vlan2 = jinja2.Template('10.11.{{2*id+1}}.6')

Both these methods are untested

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Nice & clear, maybe I will change my config file format to use your solution :D Do you have another option by using Jinja2 template,pls? Thanks alot! –  Locke Mar 30 '12 at 4:42
Hi, i found it: from jinja2 import Template ip_vlan1 = Template("10.10.{{id + 100}}.5") ip_vlan1.render(id=3) Thanks you! –  Locke Mar 30 '12 at 4:51
def calculate_vlan_id(id, vlan_exp):
    vlan_exp_list = vlan_exp.split(".") 
    vlan_exp_list[2].replace("$id", id);
    vlan_exp_list[2] = eval(vlan_exp_list[2])

return '.'.join(vlan_exp_list)  # string
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Hi, the "$id" is not always in [2] position, it can be any position. And the statement 'vlan_exp_list[2] = eval(vlan_exp_list[2])' error: "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" –  Locke Mar 30 '12 at 4:33

IF you are sure that you have only only 'id', then you can do it like this.

def replace(id, vlan_exp):
    vlan_exp = vlan_exp.replace('$id',str(id))
    return ".".join(map(str,map(eval,vlan_exp.split('.'))))

But that uses eval and using eval can be harmful to your program.

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