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I'm trying to run the following script that I thought was quite simple. What am I doing wring here...

[Environment]::UserName = $username

Write-Host "The user is $username"
$from = "c:\Users\" + $username + "\favourites\*.*" 
$to = "c:\test"

Write-Host "This is from dir: $from"
Write-Host "This is to dir: $to"

Copy-Item $from $to

The script does not seem to like the + $username + ...

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I think you got your first line the wrong way around. Currently you're assigning an empty variable (value of it should be $null) to $Env:UserName, thus overwriting the username, not reading it.

I think it should be

$username = [Environment]::Username

or, as noted above, you can access environment variables via the special Env: drive:

$username = $Env:Username

And unrelated to your problem, just a matter of nicer code:

  1. You can put the username directly into the string (which you seem to know, as demonstrated a line above – where you don't need a string in this case, though):

    $from = "C:\Users\$username\favourites\*"
  2. You don't need to fetch the user name at all, you can use




    or even


    which might ultimately be what you're after, here.

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